ArtMat Specs & Care Instructions

Specifications for Mats with Rubber Backing

Rubber backing on the Art Mats is substantial and durable, equivalent to a woven backing of 24 oz. A mat with a rubber backing is ready to use and does not need a carpet pad underneath.

These mats are derived from original handmade works of art. Therefore irregular color, shapes and color confetti are intentional.

Fiber Type: Nylon 6.6

Dye Process: Injection Dye 98% penetration of dye into pile

Antistatic: Yes

Pile: 24 oz.

Mat Profile: 0.33 inches

Mat Weight by size:

2 x 2: 2 lbs.

3 x 3: 4 lbs.

3 x 4: 5.4 lbs.

4 x 6: 11 lbs.

3 x 8: 11 lbs.

 Mat Dimensions:

2 x 2: 24" x 24"

3 x 3: 34" x 34"

3 x 4: 34" x 3' 10"

4 x 6: 3' 10" x 5' 9"

3 x 8: 34" x 8'

Border Width: 5/8"

Flammability Tests:

DOC FF1-70: Passed

DOC FF2-70: Passed

Exposure to UV Rays:

As with any work of art, direct sunlight will cause some fading over time. It is recommended that your mat, if placed outside, be located in shade - if indoors, out of prolonged daily exposure to sun.

Cleaning Your Rubber Back Mat:

ArtMatters mats are extremely durable. To clean, just take it outside, hose it off, and let it dry. In the case of extreme soiling, mats can be taken to an industrial laundry for processing. 

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